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Time and Motion Study
Time and Motion Study, Work Study Techniques, Method Study, Time Study are all Techniques that will help businesses improve their productivity and reduce costs. Solutions that will help the manufacturing sector grow.

LEAN Six Sigma:
Process Improvement to Reduce Waste and Costs.

  • Reduction or Elimination of Non-Value Operation.
  • Streamlining of a Process:- Manufacturing - Commercial - Local Authorities Services - NHS.

6 Sigma / Six Sigma:
Process Control. Developing and Controlling Processes through (DMAIC).

  • Define, Organise Project, The Business Case, The Problem Statement, The Project Goal, Improvement Charter,
    Benefits to the Customer, Benefits to the Company, Organise People and Materials, etc...
  • Measure, key aspects of the current process and collect relevant data.
  • Analyse, the data to verify root causes,
  • Improve, the process based on data collected.
  • Control, the process. Create Standard Operating Procedures, and Charts.

7 Wastes:
Reduction or Elimination of Waste.  Lean

  • Transportation, Excessive movement of product between operations.
  • Inventory, Over Stocked Materials sat on a shelf somewhere. Collecting dust.
  • Motion, Movement of the body. Over Reaching, Bending down, Getting parts from a side stand.
  • Waiting, People Idle not producing. Waiting for parts, inspection or another person.
  • Overproduction, Making too many or too much, Product sat on the floor or a shelf, waiting for Customer Orders.
  • Over Processing, Too many operations in the manufacturing process. Too much packaging.
  • Defects, Re-Works, Repairs, Take time to put right. due to perhaps a drawing error or damaged part.
  • TIME, Time lost in putting something right, Not being able to find something. Waiting. ( 8th Waste )
  • Resources. People. ( 9th Waste )

5S:  (House Keeping)

  • SORT. What is needed, Remove what is not needed.
  • SET. Organise What is Needed.
  • SHINE. Tidy Area and Keep Clean.
  • STANDARDISE. Organise Process, Reduce Variation.
  • SUSTAIN. Maintain with Process Controls.

Kanban Inventory Control is the Organisation of Material, so you always have enough but not too much. We help people in manufacturing benefit: Kanban Inventory Controls improve cash flow and improve profits.

Process Improvement. Reduction of Waste. Continuous Improvement.

SMED Single Minute Exchange of Dies: Reduction of Changeovers. Eg. Machine Set Up. Next Job. We help people in manufacturing benefit: To reduce operation time, reduce costs and increase profits.

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance: Prevention rather than Repair. To Maintain to keep machinery working. We help people in manufacturing benefit: To reduce Non-Value Operation in order to increse profits.

Visual Control:
Standard Operation Procedures, Production Boards, Shadow Boards. Housekeeping Controls. Visual Management.
Energy management Controls.

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